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Sellinh events can sometimes limit the buying and selling cryptocurrency of time attendees have seloing mingling and networking. Through EXMO, says Goldberg, buying and selling cryptocurrency can plan a get-together at a certain event, or form their own meet-up. Eventbrite users who link their accounts buying and selling cryptocurrency be able to export events into the app automatically.

Eventbrite ticketing, promotion, and buying and selling cryptocurrency data are also available through the new integration. The EXMO team recently expanded to include a few part-time employees. The company, buying and selling cryptocurrency has been "100 percent bootstrapped to date,'' by Goldberg and co-founder Karl White, is beginning to fundraise "on a buying and selling cryptocurrency scale.

We're currently reaching out to angel investors across the country to help raise our first round,'' Goldberg explains. Goldberg calls EXMO's pricing models "exciting. They enable any kind of event, large or small, to use the platform. Events with less than 50 attendees can use the service at no cost. To add your own, visit the EXMO website. Justine Benstead is a freelance writer who spends her days walking her dog Chloe in her South Tampa neighborhood, drinking buying and selling cryptocurrency too much coffee, tweeting and taking photos with her trusty Nikon.

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Registering for this speed dating event will create an account with ZippyMatch. We buying and selling cryptocurrency your name and email address with your event organizer, but not to anyone else.

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