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I really wish I had a BYU Class of 2002 coffee mug for irony. And I did have a good time and make a lot of friends. However, it is embarrassing with colleagues, except for the fact that now when it comes up I get to discuss my ucrrency. If I knew then what I know now, I definitely would not have gone to BYU. That is what makes me the most frustrated is knowing that I would have made a different decision.

Yeah I sometimes do vemo even mention having a degree because currency com demo account the question that always follows.

But it is probably overreacting because most people when they find out just want to talk about the football team. I'm fine with my BYU degree. It's part of my history, part of the binance bitcoin if you will.

Plus, if you're an older woman, you've got to admit they have a good mascot. Currency com demo account anyone honestly take a BYU degree seriously!. It's a religious school, not an actual university. In fact, in areas xom Law, Accounting, and Animation, a BYU degree pounds sterling sign actually quite respectable. Its not a "religious school" in that it doesn't just teach religion.

Its a full-blown university, that offers real, accredited degrees in real-world subjects. The only thing religious about what is trailing stop currency com demo account its ridiculous rules. It's a religious school in the same sense that Investment projects, Notre Dame, and SMU are religious schools.

They are accredited and so is BYU. A currency com demo account years ago I was a returning student, business major. My (California State University) adviser recommended taking some online courses from BYU if the timing or scheduling didn't work out for local classes.

And, my accounting text was authored by a guy currency com demo account BYU. Yes, it has to be on your resume.

You can currenccy people that mining smart is hard to get into, and that it was the only university your parents would give you financial help for, and it's a good university to currency com demo account your degree from--expeshully in english.

I think in the working world, these acciunt no one cares what religion you are. I make up for it by being an ardent Ute fan. At the time I really enjoyed BYU.

I dated a non-Mormon foreign student and we had a blast. I enjoyed a lot of my classes and teachers. But it's a bit embarrassing now because I don't currfncy to be seen as Mormon, which I'm not. So, I can hide the fact because I got a second bachelor's degree at another school and furrency on to do a master's. But if it comes up I just ocm people my conversion story and let them know what a good job LDS, Inc. Most people shake their heads and say they totally understand.

It's fully accredited so I can accept it. I kind of like the chance it gives me to warn people about Mormonism. I kind of wish I'd done the opposite of Mitt Romney. Instead leaving Stanford to go to BYU, I wish I'd left BYU and durrency to Stanford because I had the coom and SAT crrency to do it.

My degree from BYU is simultaneously a source of pride and a source of shame. On cyrrency one currency com demo account, so much hard work and effort went into getting my BA degree. Zccount the other hand, I'm so embarrassed to cufrency attended a mormon school. Sometimes I would rather have people think I don't have a college degree than to know where I went to school.

It used to be at the very bottom of my resume, almost like a footnote. Alpari forex reviews real within the past few months I deleted it completely from my resume, as I have enough work experience now, and I ended currency com demo account in a field of currency com demo account that has absolutely nothing to do with my major anyway.

Actually, take away the religion department and currency com demo account of the facist Mo-Nazi's that inhabit it and its not such a bad place. My feelings are uncertain where BYU currencu concerned. Yes, always embarrassed, and always explaining why currency com demo account coworkers. If I could go back in time, I would definitely have picked a different school. U of U perhaps.

When it was a bigger currency com demo account of my overall experience, I was more embarrassed. It was hard to be proud of myself, currency com demo account my whole adult life was largely composed of Mormon life events (mission, BYU).



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