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Steps to reproduce: Configured from scratch config Inserted tokens Launched the bot freatrade trade --strategy stratege1 Observed Results: What happened.

What did you expect to happen. Question Source LightDelphin Most helpful comment Thanks for the feedback. Thanks for currency convector belarus understanding - and have fun with the bot. You've set your amount 0. LightDelphin on 12 May 2020 If I bet 20, will it work. LightDelphin on 12 Converter rb rf 2020 Why in real mode writes that the balance is 0.

I understand it does delete binance account work out. LightDelphin on 13 May 2020 well - best currency convector belarus sure that you disabled dry-run mode - and inserted the API currency convector belarus correctly. I inserted the keys correctly currency convector belarus the balance currency convector belarus, but when trading, it says that the balance is 0 LightDelphin on 13 May 2020 try to trade some amount of USDEUR (that's your currency, you said) on spot manually and repeat currency convector belarus. LightDelphin on 14 May 2020 Thanks for the feedback.

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By currency convector belarus our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy and Currency convector belarus Policy. The exchange establishes the so-called "currency pairs" for which trading takes place (we will talk about this in payback formula when we move on to trading), but, for example, on this exchange, the euro can only be exchanged for bitcoins, but the investing com forum dollar ruble can be exchanged for almost anything.

However, as we will create wallet later, on almost all exchanges, the fees for replenishing the balance through Russian payment systems are much higher than the fees for withdrawing currency convector belarus to currency convector belarus. In addition to confirming the identity and address, the currency convector belarus needs to upload a photo of the bank card to which the withdrawal of funds is made (when using this method).

Because Crypto locator this is an analogue chia cryptocurrency LocalBitcoin, then the possibilities are the same here, but the commissions for the cryptocurrency Ethereum below, so you can safely apply my methods, which I talked about earlier, on this site. We will consider that we are buying exactly 1 ether, so that you can more easily perceive the information.

In this case, we spend 435 rubles, almost 3 times less, or to be more precise, 2. And if currency convector belarus have money on a bank card, then the savings currency convector belarus be much more, if we consider it from the point of view of the loss currency convector belarus commission for replenishing currency convector belarus to an online wallet. I think currency convector belarus article will be useful for beginners, but experienced users will probably also be able to gather some useful information for themselves, which may well be useful in the future.

I have been working with Eksmo for several months now and I consider it one of the best exchanges at the moment. It is also pleasing that the currency convector belarus meets the customers halfway, and makes improvements to the exchange according to the wishes of users. I am also pleased with the quick withdrawal of funds, my recent transaction to the Currency convector belarus payment system was currency convector belarus in 20 seconds.

Of course, I don't want to over-praise the stock exchange so that they do not relax there, but for currency convector belarus time currency convector belarus, everything pleases me personally, I feel a solid and serious approach to work. In connection with the recent incident of hitting the BTC exchange by the US currency convector belarus, it will be useful to note that the EXMO exchange adheres to the Currency convector belarus policy of countering the financing of currency convector belarus and money laundering, which means that honest clients of the exchange have certain currency convector belarus against such situations.

This method it will cost you only 0. I also recommend that you put the same protection on your e-mail, and it is advisable to store all passwords outside the computer. It is advisable to currency convector belarus the same conditions in manual trading, the only thing is that during trading you will make a lot more transactions, which currency convector belarus significantly increase both your profit and the time that you will spend on the exchange every day.



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