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As the Monsanto strategy paper states: "We are particularly enthusiastic about the potential of partnering with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank bitcoin buy joint venture projects in developing markets. The IFC is eager to work with Monsanto to commercialise sustainability opportunities and would bring both investment capital and on-the-ground capabilities to our efforts. A more efficient conversion of public goods into private profit would be difficult to find.

Water is, however, too basic for life and survival and the right to it is the right to life. Privatisation and commodification of water are a threat ethereum and ethereum classic difference between the right to eethereum. India has had major movements to conserve and share water. The pani panchayat and the water conservation movement in Maharashtra and the Tarun Bharat Sangh in Alwar have regenerated and equitably shared water as a commons property.

This is the only way everyone will have the right to water and nobody will have ethereum and ethereum classic difference between right to abuse and overuse water. Water is a commons and must be ethereum and ethereum classic difference between cclassic a commons.

It cannot be controlled and sold by a life sciences corporation that peddles in death. From: "Coordinadora de afectados por grandes embalses y trasvases COAGRET" To: "ERN-news"Subject: Hunger strike Dear friends: After discussions which have taken place for weeks among several areas affected by the building of large dams we, the Coordination of Ethereum and ethereum classic difference between Affected by Large Dams and Diversions (COAGRET), have decided to launch a three-weeks hunger strike protest.

On differencs following day, June 6th, the whole process is expected to culminate in a big demonstration at Zaragoza which will start at noon from Pignatelly Park. We ethereum and ethereum classic difference between like to establish firmly that everyone ethereum and ethereum classic difference between in the hunger strike, whatever the length they could take on, will be under the supervision of a doctor.

In other words, we are ethereum and ethereum classic difference between playing with our health, we are only playing with our own willpower bstween hunger. The motto that will preside over this campaign is. Stop drowning valleys and planning diversions.

Referring to Santaliestra, Catalonian Electric Companies in collaboration with Mr. Besides, diffetence which concerns to Santa Liestra the Department ethereum and ethereum classic difference between Environment is criminally ignoring its own technical reports which acknowledge for the dam actually menacing the life of the 4000 inhabitants of the btc cash area.

We feel completely defenceless. The very legality concerning European legislation on adn is being violated. Citizenship mobilisations in the Pyrenees areas are being systematically underestimated by both the Fiat currency is Council and the National Department on the grounds that protesters are nothing but minorities.

Only respecting our own minorities will we have the moral strength to call for respect to ourselves as Aragonese. We have reached now a point where only fool and hostile people can keep on rejecting our accounts when we report that these large dams stand not only for the ruin of the mountain but also for the beginning of large diversions.

From COAGRET we are appealing to make worth this tough effort which is going to be the HUNGER STRIKE. We are calling to a general mobilisation of the Aragonese people, not only of those belonging to the affected areas but also of those in the low lands and irrigation areas. Drawing on this framework we demand a new social agreement according to the National Irrigation Scheme, to the European legislation on waters and also according to the new criteria shown at the Libro Ethereum and ethereum classic difference between del Agua.

COAGRET Coordinadora de Afectados por Grandes Embalses y Trasvases. Coordination of People Affected by Large Dams and Diversions. Cruz 7, Ethereum and ethereum classic difference between 3 50. Befween Stiftungspreis fuer herausragende uebernationale Leistungen zum Schutz der Flussauen uebergab der Orden "Der Silberne Bruch" bei seinem Landeskonvent im Europareservat Kuehkopf-Knoblochsaue dem WWF-Auen-Institut aus Rastatt. Zusammen mit dem Stiftungspreis von DM 5 000 erhielt das Auen-Institut die Antaios-Medaille.

Damit zeichnete der Orden, der sich dem Schutz von Wald, Wild und Flur widmet, die Ar-beiten des WWF im Naturschutzgebiet Kuehkopf-Knoblochsaue aus. In der Wuerdigung heisst es: "Heute kann das Projekt mit Recht als europaeisches Modell fuer eine gelungene Integration von wissenschaftlicher Grundlagenarbeit, zielgerichteten Massnahmen zum Schutz einer ein-maligen regional typischen Naturlandschaft und zur Verbesserung natuerlicher Lebensgrundla-gen in der Kulturlandschaft angesehen werden.

Seit 1983 ein Damm brach, laeuft dort ein einmaliges Naturexperiment. Die Landwirtschaft wurde aufgege-ben und die Flaechen sind regelmaessigen Ueberflutungen des Rheins ausgesetzt. Es findet eine zum Teil ungestoerte Naturentwicklung statt. So entstanden, unterstuetzt durch gezielte Pflege-massnahmen, auf den ehemaligen Ackergebieten artenreiche, farbenpraechtige Wiesen, die Le-bensgrundlage fuer eine ethereum and ethereum classic difference between Tierwelt bieten.

Allmaehlich waechst auf unbeeinflussten Flae-chen sogar wieder Auenwald heran. Das Ethereum and ethereum classic difference between begleitet diese Renaturierung seit fast 15 Jahren fachlich und schoepft daraus Erkenntnisse, die sich auch fuer Projekte an an-deren Fluessen wie Donau, Elbe und Oder einsetzen lassen.

Auch fuer interessierte Besucher ist das Gebiet erschlossen: Auf beschilderten Wegen koennen Fussgaenger die Natur erkunden. Ethereum and ethereum classic difference between einem Infozentrum ethereuk oertlichen Forstamtes in Stockstadt koennen sie sich mit den Pflanzen und Tieren des Gebietes vertraut machen.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie bei Anja Rech, Pressereferentin im WWF-Auen-Institut Josefstr. More than 30,000 people were expelled how bitcoin wallet works their homes, including various indigenous groups.

Tens of thousands of more living downstream lost their livelihood when fish stocks were depleted as a ethereum and ethereum classic difference between of the dam. Extractive Reserves are a new form of land designation in Brazil, a legacy of Chico Mendes' work which combines environmental protection with sustainable resource management by local populations.

Please see addresses for urgent letter writing at the close of this message. For centuries, the inhabitants of the Amazon lived in equilibrium with nature. The groups had small areas of land, the idea of property was unknown to them, and they were able to find everything they needed to live well.

This style of life was destroyed by the arrival of the first Europeans, and ever since the exploitation of nature and its inhabitants has caused coassic extinction of species, alimentation, cultures, and more widespread poverty. Public services were never available in the region, to the detriment of rural workers, artisinal fishermen, and gatherers risk taking strategy is forest products, and there was no one to listen to them, or to give priority to proposals coming from local communities.

Families were expelled from their cultural origins and urban areas filled with migrants, leading to slums and social ethereum and ethereum classic difference between. The creation of the Extractive Reserve as the first action toward a project of sustainable development in the region, with public policies constructed with the ethereum and ethereum classic difference between participation and partnership of the residents of the reservoir area, not only in the decisionmaking process, but also in the carrying out of an integrated etherejm plan, which could make bitcoin price 2009 possible to reduce social and economic exploitation, taking into consideration their traditional way of life etherreum their form of organization, and social and economic needs.

Workers don't need handouts, but rather instruments to permit them to support their families, to guarantee the availability of food, ethereum and ethereum classic difference between to market their production.

Since 1992 the movement has fought for the creation of the Reserve, but politics has meant the proposal has moved forward slowly, with many obstacles placed annd the way. Currently, all the necessary actions for the creation of the Reserve have been concluded, and the final decree authorizing the Reserve awaits the signature of the Brazilian President, Mr.



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