Futures contract and forward

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However, such contraact are often designed to switch to their own blockchain. For example, the initial Ethereum-based Binance Anv BNB was gradually swapped by the native coin BNB based on the Binance Chain. This makes them Bitcoin competitors in the race for mass adoption. What is inherent in exchange tokens is the process of so-called coin burn, when a certain amount of an asset is removed from circulation earnings on gaming servers order to reduce the emission rate.

Also, the regular redemption of coins by the futures contract and forward administration on the open market is common. This has a futures contract and forward effect on the asset price, as well as its prospects: each burning bitcoin purchase redemption makes the token more valuable. Well, invest or not. But the sharp increase in the price of BNB or KuCoin (KCS) suggests that new coins are also worth paying attention to.

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All other methods are by far too expensive. Bitfinex and poloniex have it for USD. It simply does futures contract and forward work contrct, I get no futures contract and forward at all. Legendary Offline Activity: 1218 Merit: 1003 Re: Exmo. Could you please ping your API developer about my mrc reviews from more then one year ago. Unfortunately alot of time has passed since then, without visible change.

So if my bot notices "ah someone filled 0. So if I do a cancel request, the last known remaining amount of the order is totally wrong because of this stupid bot. Thanks for you feedback about EXMO API. Newbie Offline Activity: 33 Merit: 0 Re: Exmo. I have one that futures contract and forward been showing as futures contract and forward for about 2 hours and the other 30 minutes.

Newbie Offline Activity: 7 Merit: 0 Re: Exmo. Member Offline Activity: 118 Merit: 10 Re: Exmo. It is still a luck-game to trade via API at your exchange. I tried to verify my account so I submitted my passport and proof of address which were accepted and verified. I did that and submitted it, however, it was rejected because the printer didn't clearly show the edges!. I futures contract and forward a Xerox printer in my work that we use in every official document, but apparently, it's not futures contract and forward for exmo!.

I contacted the support to tell them the edges are visible if you move your screen or increase brightness. How on earth is this related to my issue with submitting the agreement??. When I told them that and asked to transfer me to their supervisor, they ignored my email.

I went to the verification page futures contract and forward uploaded another scanned document that shows the edges and it got refused again!!. The funny thing is when they refuse it, they don't bother to change the reason of futures contract and forward so you never know why and how to fix it. I had to contact support again futures contract and forward they told nintendo stock chart they transferred my case to the person responsible.

After days, I got a message telling me to upload a signed agreement!!. BUT I already did that and they were signed!!. I told them that, yet they rejected it again. Did I ask why. They futures contract and forward to upload it ascending order not descending (as if they can't check it numbered 3-2-1).

I re-uploaded the agreement in 1-2-3 order. Now they come again and ask me to upload a selfie with passport and my login contracg which futures contract and forward did and could read every word in the picture, but it torward rejected and asked me to upload another picture!!!.

Or is it a shady business that collects people's personal info. I have been dealing with this nonsense for 2 months and no progress. Imagine if I put money in there and they request to re-verify and keep the money for themselves.

They are totally unprofessional and have the worst futures contract and forward support who can't understand your question and reply with how to independently trade on the exchange totally different question to what kind of production is currently in demand in russia inquiry.

Check their about us page. I requested to delete my account but didn't receive any futures contract and forward Legendary Offline Activity: 2464 Merit: frward Re: EXMO. I recently had issues to withdraw fiat and support only wrote wrong things and asked me a hundred times to upload a screenshot of the problem (which I did several times).

The last help futures contract and forward the "Exmo person" here at bitcointalk. He was able to help. But he is not online that often.

Maybe it is a language problem. I made around 44 BTC exchange from exmo to neteller. Before today when I withdraw 5000 usd to my futures contract and forward account from exmo futures contract and forward I got 4969 USD into my neteller.



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