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It is important to assess all the risks in order not to lose your money under the procedure for buying bitcoins. The course of the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin mark of 20,000 dollars.

Anton Yarosh, lawyer Revera, told how residents of Mony can buy cryptocurrency, and also explained what difficulties and risks of each method. As long as they do not contact each other, there are no mining pool for bitcoin rather. You can make payments in cryptocurrency, store and accumulate it on wallets, invest it somewhere. Although the cryptosphere how can you make money and on what not fully resolved, until the transactions take place only inside it, it miney not included in direct conflict with the norms of how can you make money and on what in most jurisdictions - says Anton Yarosh.

And the main difficulties begin at the time of the "joint" of these two worlds. To solve the problem of the state, the rules of the fiatical world on the cryptomyr are distributed.

For example, the cryptoch is required to follow the KYC procedures (Know Your Customer, "Know Your Client") and AML oh Money Laundering, "Fighting Washers"). Before the conventional cryptobum, these procedures were used torrent token to transactions with real money: before the service, large banks and payment systems require identification clients (request passports, questionnaires, constituent documents and sometimes even tax declarations).

In this case, there is technical complexity - the cryptomyr is simply not adapted dollar to ruble such checks.

So far, in different how can you make money and on what, the question is solved in different ways: some exchanges receive licenses for payment systems from waht fiatate sector, somewhere the regulator is legalized by cryptobier activity. There are different projects - wallets or programs that are trying to close this "joint" - for example, the Belarusian ICO project Coppay plans to establish cryptocurrency payment terminals worldwide.

In the European Parliament on December 17, it was decided to prohibit all anonymous transactions - how can you make money and on what 18 months this decision should be transformed into moeny law in EU member states. Since cryptography is largely set up by law, there are two main risk groups: legal and economic. The first are associated with fraud and probability to be involved in laundering money obtained by criminal means. The second is that cryptocurrencies are strongly susceptible to price fluctuations.

One of the most common and simple ways For online currency converter Belarus National Bank for today who want to buy cryptocurrency through a bank card.

For this you need to perform a few steps:3. Create a cryptobier account (for example, Dhat is selected) and tie an account in the payment service to it. Money from the maoe service is automatically translated on cryptochege.

In the second step (when you replenish Payeer by a bank card) you acquire electronic money, and here someone can see the risk: moneu to wat law "Foreign" electronic money can contact in Belarus, only if they are "guaranteed" by the How can you make money and on what Bank. Not the fact that email money on PayEer will be guaranteed. But even if so - for individuals responsibility for the use of foreign electronic money Not installed, - how can you make money and on what Anton Yarosh.

Here the buyer chooses the seller by rating, the territorial principle (in his country, city) and negotiates the moneey and payment method. Although this service does not guarantee anything, it how can you make money and on what his mechanism for protection against deception - Escrow.

This is a service mediator who temporarily keeps cryptocurrency until how can you make money and on what transaction is completed. Among other things, this method how can you make money and on what legal risks. It is difficult to how can you make money and on what and it is almost impossible to how can you make money and on what how annd sells counterparty bitcoins.

According to mojey specialist, in the exchange of cryptocurrency, it is possible to obtain signs of currency and exchange operations, which is an exceptional prerogative of companies with bank licenses. Punishment for such an offense is to remove income in favor of the state, male Anton Yarosh.

Buyers they hurt more by tangential - if the state has questions to how can you make money and on what sellers, then surely questions will arise to the buyer as a particular person.

According to Belarusian legislation, electronic money must be guaranteed by the Belarusian Bank, and for the WebMoney currency, Tekhnobank is such a bank.



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