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Here the user can store account data, to which funds will subsequently be withdrawn. It is worth entering the required information once, and in the future, investment sites and projects for investors withdrawing, you will need to specify only the corresponding account. When you click on "Top up", top up options will appear, which are available for the selected currency.

For instance, dollar can be brought to the crypto exchange using Visa or Mastercard, Payeer services, AdvCash, as well as generated EX-CODE. You can bring hryvnia to the site using cards of Ukrainian banks, via Privatbank terminals, through the service Enfins and EX-CODE.

The investment sites and projects for investors is carried out in a similar way. Choosing a currency, further withdrawal method, artr coin value the amount and other necessary information.

For instance, dollars it is possible to withdraw through the Perfect Money system. And the lira and zloty only by generating the EX-CODE. The first one is more suitable for beginners and is located in the "Quick exchange" tab of the same name. First, choose the currency, which we will change, then currency, which we want to get.

Enter the amount, the exchange will automatically calculate and show the amount, which will be on your balance sheet. The "Trades" tab is intended for professional traders, who already have experience in cryptocurrency trading.

At the top right, first select the desired investment sites and projects for investors, for example BTC, LTC, EOS, ETH, USD, DOGE. Next - the required currency pair. After that, investment sites and projects for investors can start trading. An online chart for the marked pair is displayed in the center - it can be customized at your discretion. To trade currency, use the tabs under the "Buy" or "Sell" chart. Orders can be placed limit or by market.

In the first case, you need investors and startups indicate the amount of currency and the price, and your request will be executed, as soon as a suitable counter appears. In the second, select the "Market" tab, enter the quantity in the required field, and the order is immediately executed at the market price.

Active orders and trading history are displayed at the bottom of the screen. On the right is a glass. Mistake 10220 - withdrawal is blocked.

Appears if the exchange has blocked your account. To find out the reason, you need to contact support. Mistake 10325 - account not activated. In this investment sites and projects for investors, you need to send a request to the technical support to activate your account, specifying wtf coin username and email.

In this case, you can enter your Personal Account only from the previously specified IP addresses. To create an account on the service, you need to click either on the "Register" button, located in the upper right corner, or centered on "Create an account".

Next, enter the login (in Investment sites and projects for investors minimum 5 characters), password, email. We agree to the terms of service. If we want to receive mailing vending machines for water, tick the corresponding item. Verification on investment sites and projects for investors crypto exchange is optional.

However, it opens up new opportunities for users. In particular, allows you to withdraw euros and dollars to bank cards, use wire transfers and SEPA, use the services of payment systems, where verification is a prerequisite. At the last stage, we take a selfie, holding your ID card in hand, passport investment sites and projects for investors international passport, as well as a leaflet investment sites and projects for investors the words "EXMO" and the yur face is un date.



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