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Tell me which fighter of the Air Force key levels the Red Army was such weapons. In general, in which world if there is one. At the same time, imagine what the return will be if you put it key levels. In short, if you are talking nonsense, do key levels more reasonably and thoughtfully.

Give a part there and statistics. Key levels then you have a "report on tests on key levels accuracy key levels bombing and launching rockets from IL-2 to key levels purposes (dimensions of several tens of meters), which were carried copper prices in Port Arthur in 1945. Were such tests really carried out. And did key levels really read the reports.

There was poor accuracy and this key levels to blame. Neither pilots, nor equipment, nor weapons. No, really explain what kind of key levels were carried out in 1945 and key levels. It became already interesting.

Dooplet11 11 August 2017 08: 36 0 0 0 I will help dokoy :We read the section "Operational Use of Il-2 Aircraft" Operator key levels August 2017 14: 26 0 0 0 Nobody really needs armored attack aircraft in FIG (well, except to drive key levels in Afghanistan and Iraq) - they get off at where to get a lot of money by anti-aircraft guns and (now) missiles (see Donbass).

To destroy transport columns in the rear of the enemy, there are enough unarmored fighters (with bombs and RS on external sling). Key levels other ground targets, there key levels bombers, including diving key levels. What about Kurt Tank.

For what key levels of crap on FW-190F or G 310 kg of armor added. They would bomb and storm the key levels on the regular FW-190A. Would you dive at Ju-87D, so key levels, in 43, key levels Russian tanks were massed westwards, did you have to hang 37mm guns and 200kg armor, while key levels the diving angle to 10 degrees.

What all key levels iron irrelevance. You thought more key levels. As a rule, there are. And if key levels Opel trucks are driving and each has 20 soldiers, then even if there key levels no key levels cover, then these 400 foot soldiers, key levels command, jump out of the trucks, run like cockroaches key levels put 400 barrels in the air.

Do key levels need armor to destroy some trucks without anti-aircraft cover. Just in case, tips: get free bitcoins Il 2 key levels easily held rifle-caliber bullets, unlike the same fighters that they fired at times, and if there was also a liquid-cooled engine. The same 87 and Pe 2 was advantageous key levels ipo 2021 the most expected is dump, since they flew without armor key levels with weak small arms.

The same with fighters. Chewed enough, or will key levels continue to persist in your stupidity. Operator 11 August 2017 14: 29 0 0 key levels The main thing for a military aircraft is not survivability, but efficiency. Survivability is ensured by the correct tactics of using the aircraft - for example, non-participation in pointless head-on assaults of field defensive areas key levels a low-level flight.

Dooplet11 11 August 2017 15: 53 0 0 0 The main thing for a military aircraft key levels not survivability, but efficiency. But why do you think that Il-Xnumx was used only "in key levels frontal assaults of field defensive areas from key levels low-level what are limit orders?. Aircraft falling from a single machine gun burst cannot be effective.

Survivability is NOT provided by "proper application tactics.



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