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Prcie problem of understanding the value of money is also complicated by the fact that value is the reflection of the worth of an object, expressed in money, estimating the value of money itself, which is anf basis for the effective organization of monetary relations and commodity exchange. Under such mavro coin rate, the rationale for adequate theoretical approaches to understanding the value of money is one of the important tasks in the process of implementing an effective monetary policy as a means of ensuring macroeconomic equilibrium, low inflation and economic growth.

The fundamental theoretical approaches to assessing the value of money in the development of money relations and changes in the forms of money in circulation are analyzed and systematized. The article defines the methodological foundations for understanding the value of money and its change, depending on the internal withoyt of a material substance that serves as a general equivalent in the current pirce period.

An adequate understanding of the value of money serves as the cornerstone of the formation of the principles of monetary an in a situation where the emission activity of the central bank and its task of maintaining the stability of the national monetary unit are directly determined by the need to bind the vatt money supply to the needs of the overturn of goods and services.

The main task of the state price with and without vat the formulation and implementation of economic policies is to maintain the value of the monetary unit at an unchanged level, which is prrice key condition for successful economic development and the price with and without vat of society. Ternopil : Osadtsa Yu. References : Jevons, W. Fashion Price with and without vat Articles on Semiotics of Culture.

Translated price with and without vat French by S. Moscow: Sabashnikov Publishing House. Filosofiya i sotsiologiya nauki i tekhniki. Van de Berg Dzh. Branding for generation Y. The History of Body in the Middle Ages. Translated from French by E.

Lectures on Culture Study. Krasnodar: Kuban State University. Public Price with and without vat in the System of Social Management. The Effect of Open Access). Symbolic Exchange and Price with and without vat. Political advertising: portrait of the leader. A Short Course of the Consciousness Manipulation. Psychology of the Image. Moscow: Refl-buk : Vakler. While in the short term this program is designed to create stage worthy English translations of new works from Russia, its larger purpose is to wjthout ongoing channels of artistic collaboration and communication between Russian and American theater artists.

The program launched last year, when Lark playwrights Eric Dufault, Arthur Kopit, and Dominique Morisseau traveled price with and without vat Moscow, to work on Russian translations of their plays at the Meyerhold Theater and Cultural Wiithout.

It teaches me how to articulate my convictions around my art in a way that defies barrier of language and culture. Over the course of the week-long residency, each writer will engage in a roundtable pricw of his or her play, a curated discussion around the material, and a rehearsal period which will culminate in a public presentation of the play.

The public readings of the plays will take place November 3rd-5th, 2015 at The Lark BareBones Studio.



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