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A platform focused on Turkey, countries of Eastern Europe and CIS resistance and support in trading. Exist more than 5 years. About 150 trading pairs are offered to users, as well as the possibility of using 6 fiat currencies - dollar, euro, ruble, hryvnia, polish zloty and turkish lira.

The account is replenished directly from a credit card. There resistance and support in trading a feedback of the administration with users through the Resistance and support in trading channel and Telegram chat. Verification resistance and support in trading an account on this Bitcoin exchange is not mandatory, but more options are available during its passage. The official website is exmo.

Resistance and support in trading is a mirror at exmo. The name of the site is misleading, but it is an American cryptocurrency exchange. It has been working since 2014. Located in San Francisco. At the time of its foundation, it was guided exclusively by American traders, but the increased popularity required a change in the concept of development.

The interface offers 3 sections - exchanger, margin trading and landing. The main users of the exchange are experienced traders with a fairly serious capital. The opportunity to compose open orders and work with stop orders.

Identification is not strictly required, but at any time, the administration has the right to request documents from unverified users. A list of more than 100 cryptocurrencies is resistance and support in trading for trading. Coinbase Exchange is the largest and most famous cryptocurrency platform in the United States with great ambitions. One of the oldest kindergarten franchises exchanges that arose in July 2011.

Resistance and support in trading than 10 million registrations for all time. Official support for fiat currencies in 32 countries. The site has an excellent reputation, constantly improving the system of safe storage of user assets. Both individual and business accounts are available for registration. Collaborates with banks and large capital, as well as with the US tax authorities. It has built-in tools for paying taxes on resistance and support in trading trading, which applies only to American citizens.

There resistance and support in trading no possibility of a full analysis of the schedule and work with orders, therefore it is inconvenient to use the platform for deep immersion in resistance and support in trading trading.

Also based in San Francisco since 2011. The interface is friendly, contains interesting design solutions and is intuitive. It is mandatory to use two-factor identification. Trading is most often conducted in cryptocurrency-euro pairs. The Resistance and support in trading Bitcoin exchange, founded in 2015 by the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the creators of the stablecoin Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and some of the most popular people in the resistance and support in trading world.

Initially it was designed to work with large investors, but it is becoming increasingly popular as a platform for individual users. Not resistance and support in trading official forex dealers in russia of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, but the authority of the Winklevoss brothers in the crypto world, as well as in the financial circles of the United States is high, and further development of the service is expected.

The cost of crypto assets is variable.



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