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All fenced Could bedivided suitable for two familiescash, about Sovkombank personal account by number input. One thousand dollars cash, balance Incrop paymentsThe above are all rood farm, close togrod towns. Write direct to the owner and aara trouble and expense. Box 25S,High River, Alberta, Canada. Locate right,investigate our famous arteaiaa valley. Sure crop, matchless climate. Miner A Jamea Meade. I MA4SOUTHERN Kansas farm lard.

Kingmanand Southern Reno counties offer greatest1'ii. Land purchse3 at present priceswill soon ueutie in value. For desciiptlrlist and compute information write orcall on Brown A Temple. CJD-UM MixSeat k Dakota. SOUTH DAKOTA LANDSym acres prairie farm land, cne sovkombank personal account by number input fromGettysburg, potter ccuuty.

Alaa havequarter and half eect. SouthDakota, new and authentic map Just out:price, Su cent, postpaid- Fred Reichmuo, BanesteeL S. PER CENT IN THEBRAZoS VALLEY. It has ti leches of rainfalLIt has more productive soliIt has no brush what is one bitcoin in rubles grub out. It don't have lo be irriarated. It has pur waver at sixty feel.

It oust leas to improve. It grows best cotton in Texas. It is s natural clover country. It la best sugar cane land. It is a good aifalfa country. It Is a splendid bog country. It has s lea months growing aeasoa. It has lowest shipping sovkombank personal account by number input. It sells at I1MW lo Hk per acre.

Sovkombank personal account by number input one of ourbig escuiai'Wi. First Nst'l Bank BldgA Miil MlDALHART. TEXAS, the hub of a millkoaacre of the chuicesi land 1b the panhandle. Come with ua oo March t h. Joia our special cars elthr at Omaha,Neo-: Sovkombank personal account by number input. Last Co, Waterloo, la.

Sovkombank personal account by number input SLEEPING CARWe will run a through car toDalharc Tex. NO EXTRA CHARGEFOR SLEEPER If yu wishto see thie land that is beingpurchased ee rapid. For full farticulars address Gilmore Real Estate Ca,1411 Douglas St, Omaha.

W Mia lWYOMING IRRIGATED LAND VaTlryland t. Aia lrrgsuoaproysc-t for invest aa en t. RAJtni for aile: fas acres d-ied. It contains ia-ree choice wheat, fm t and timber land. To you want li crCOEL R ll ALE. Special inducements to sovkombank personal account by number input real estatemen. Writ or wi-e us at once. A write w J. I have half section of ail rich Macklevel land In Leuel county. Renter sovkombank personal account by number input have horseand implement te work place, I will putout miik cos and thoroughbred hogand will divide profits and the crop.

Splendid crops have been raia- d there forpast seven yers Must be tken hit assoon after Marrh 1st a possible. Do investor search portal apple unless you mean business. H FoodA Jr,Exchange build-r. GARVTN BROS, 14 Farnam. T bv map bran nan. Ufa iZlt-0WANTED CityFarnam Suuthloans and warrant. A Co, UJi Farnam StLOANS on Improred city property. Tiiomu, First National Bank Bldg. WANTED TO BUYWANTED To buy, second-hand furniture,cook and heauic sttveA caxpetA UnoleumA sovkombank personal account by number input furniture, old clothes andsboea.

Will buyanuaue or rniucajiy furLltura The high'est prices pua.



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