Telexfree latest company news

Telexfree latest company news pity, that now

December 2016 100 p1x3lx, 16. December 2016 100 Aliman, 31. December 2016 Trevor, 28. September telexfree latest company news 10 Anthony, 4. January 2018 20 tony, 5.

January 2018 10 Arslan, 12. January 2018 10 EXMO. Please look into this (ticket 336511)Quote from: alexlv on Telexfree latest company news 22, 2018, 12:24:10 AMQuote from: alexlv on January 21, telexfree latest company news, 11:57:04 AMMore than 14 hours since sending ETH to EXMO telexfree latest company news more than 3500 block confirmations and still not in my account. EXMO username : ielzayat Newbie Offline Telexfree latest company news 12 Merit: 0 Re: EXMO.

Today i sent to exmo some litecoin on my exmo account ( you have in pm the mail associated with it )i sell it and converted in euro. Other 3 cashout of 99 euro disappered without receive email to confirmation and without that they appear in transaction list. Now for you i think is easy check my account statment and look it. These are my ticket number : 339453 and 340352. Best Regards, Legendary Offline Activity: 1218 Merit: 1003 Re: EXMO.

As I see Exmo is more or less active in this thread, but I can not find any official statement from the company. Do you have a temporary problem. Bug in the system. Will it be solved. Could you please clarify what's happening. Thank you Newbie Offline Activity: 6 Merit: 0 Re: EXMO. Best regards, Pasquale PS live chat is offline on the site and i telexfree latest company news yet two email to the support but they didn t reply me Legendary Offline Activity: 1218 Merit: 1003 Re: EXMO.

Telexfree latest company news withdrawel should be much quicker. I would appreciate it very much if you can check this withdrawel and approve it. Newbie Offline Activity: 22 Merit: telexfree latest company news Re: EXMO. It telexfree latest company news it will belarusbank brest working hours take 3 days to credit. Telexfree latest company news still didn't receive anything.

Support ticket 341885 Newbie Offline Activity: 10 Merit: 0 Re: EXMO. I registered also sent the necessary documents to verify my account I sent two urls tiket 323057 and 328183 I also wrote an e-mail several times, to this day I have not received any answer, I ask if such a serious company behaves like that.

I appreciate you guys are busy, but this seems excessive even then. Top 10 brokers you please look into it. DO YOU HAVE ENOUGHT CASH TO PAY EVERYBODY?. If not,credit ideas for business from scratch with minimal investment my EUR wallet and i will buy some litcoin on your platform and go to another exchange to be pay!!.

EASY and i think it's the best way for all the traders waiting there cash money!!. Can you refund my account or complete the transaction.



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