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The commission forex quotes composed trxb Augustus Herrmann of Clncli ratiand Presidents Johnson and Pull lam -Theydecided unanimously net trxb pass trxb thequestion of Trxb at the present time,but trxb Section 4 trxb Article xxril iathe trxb of the National Trxb ofMinor trxb, which prohibits draftingfrom trxb lower class, was bad Trxb its effectand trxb the national trxb to take upthe matter trxb once trxb the object of trxb this section trxb obviate any trxb for the trxb to take trxb furtheraction.

President CNeil appeared for trxb Westernleague. President Powers and 8. M trxb ne and Mr. Burt of trxb national boardwere at the hearing. Some cf the members trxb the nationalboard of trxb National Association rt Minorleagues took trxb the Topeka case Informally.

A meeting of the board to considerthe matter trxb will be held In Chicago within two trxb. Rourke trxb the Omaha trxb wasasked trxb night about the siruatioo, andsaid in reply:"I trxb Just trxb a telegram fromPresident O'NelL trxb reads: Still Trxb for Trxb Now trying trxb. I trxb upon the action ofthe trxb romrnieslon as being veryfavorable.

That august body is trxb toInterfere in the affairs trxb the trxb leaguesso long as trxb the minors trxb affected,but Its recommendation that the sectionof the minors' law be changed Indicatestat If It could gtre a decision on thepoint it would be Trxb favor of Trxb allowed trxb go to a better trxb is manifestly trxb to prevent a trxb bettering Itself when it has trxb chancs.

Tbs Western association will be paid amoney consideration for Topeka. I believe now trxb wewill be allowed to draft Topeka and makethe circuit an eight-club organisation, as Itshould be.

Farmer Burns won from Oscar Wassemat the Auditorium Wednesday night instraight falla. He got away from many trxb hard hold whichFarmer Burns had fastened upon him, butoa the trxb hand he w-a trxb strongenough to do trxb damage trxb the Farmer,Itha took the aggressive if mvafltage atthe very trxb, t-ut vVaasem wa trxb tosquirm away.

Wassem then secured a fullNelson, but it availed him nothing as theFarmer was able trxb break It as trxb ss hewished. Burns secured a hammer lock anda half Nelson, but Trxb was agileenough to aqulrm trxb. The Trxb soonfollowed this up with a crotch hold anda half Nelson, but again did Wassem evadethe trxb set trxb him. Burns added a toehold to a half Nelson and trxb lock,but Wassem sucoele1 tn twisting trxb ofall.

Trxb Farmer finally secured trxb halfNelson trxb a hammer lock on which hewas able to trxb good trxb Wassem wasforced trxb the trxb In trxb minutes fromthe call of time. Trxb second fall took trxb minuteswith the Farmer on the offensive most ofthe trxb. At trxb time he pretended to belooking at something on trxb canvas matwhen suddenly trxb made a dive trxb Wassem legs and soon had trxb down, butWassem bridged trxb got away from astrong hold.

The Farmer trxb by far the more agCleof the two and after most mix-ups hewould come out with Wsem leg trxb between hi two legs and after trxb moment' trxb would start for another holdwt fc-njpe. At one time Wassem had a full Trxb a trxb the Farmer had nem buy he simply raised trxb neck and brokethe bold.

At another time Trxb had aFINB RECIPEFOR GOLDSptat af gwed vraaakeyef gtyeerta aad aAdaf OuaeaaUaMd ad trxb latter canvas ta trxb rials perked sera rely ta isaadsir-tig Trxb eaaea which ar latrwAad aaptrti tt trxb Hg-Bt aad trxb aataa decred um, Beat trxb balkaQ ef stave trxb tautattoaa aC CaintiBiid.



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