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U or mors pearand apricot trees, up and down stock leaders somecurrant, gooseberry and raspberry bushes, ha been welleared for and la as fine alittle orchard as we know of. It has not been offeredbefore and It la a bargain atthis figure. Could give possession in April, but remember owner saya it must be soldthis week or never st this figure. No trade and not less thanhalf cash.

TeL Douglas S1COS 149. S ABSTRACTS OF TITLES are the aafeat. Tou are protected by a SlO. Otv bond agintloaa by errors. You don t dowj a law u twhen you buy a "Kerr" abstract- 1C4Harney.

Douglas up and down stock leaders lkLANDSCAPE architect. H- DUMONT t SON,UN Blag. These lots will be sold dirtcieap, ss I w ish to closs themeut at once They are to beacid la a bunch. They mustbe sold altogether. A C)-ecre stock and grain ranch, midway between San Francisco and Lue Aageies on the Coast K. B, where the SUAnever burns and the winters never blast.

The landis Ail fenced and cross fenced, 1. Thia la a good ooior. ethereum wallet registration of taagentAV have other good properties, city andcountry, to exchange. For information, addresshufctHT MITCHELL CO.

Id 8uLo A i. V mil iatoaa school. UUfMiJi XFARM FOR SALE 4 acrea. NA tA alia aFARM lands for sale la Nebraska aadbvutb Dakota, improved aad wnltsproved. Central NebiaskaH t L. The beet aere farm In rew-tral ebraskA Is erily three-fewrths milefrom court house, and has r acres of asfine up and down stock leaders land a Ilea la Nebraska. Qoodset of frame butidtnas complete, large groveyears old.

Price Up and down stock leaders par acre. C LM acre farm, fenced enly H mleefrom Dlwn, has Jut acres ef One land lacultivation, balaacs feiced la two pastarea,good set how to register on forex buildings, windmill, wail, etc. Sargent, Neb(A MXS MJXMONET In Nebraska land. Write us forlot of some good forms la Clay county. NebraskA one mile from town. This will make ore of thebest dairy farms in the state.

For sale byPETERSON BROSA3 Fee Bldg,StAte Bank,OmahA or Meadow GroveMeadow Grore, Neb. Caaaea,-ALBERTA FARMSOn Crop PaymentsEvery dollar of purchase money to bemade out cf the property. No seephesnights Purchaser can not 1 hi hometurcugh failing to met a payment, aa payments never come due until the money ismade out of the farm to meet them. Nineof the up and down stock leaders on these places are overyears old. Everything in the beat ofcondition. Any of this land will advance tS per acreIn a pu few years.

No cash pay-meatis required on the unimproved lanus. Onlya small cash payment is asked lor on theimproved places.

No cash payments on the above places:every dollar cf purchase trrcaey made outoi tana. Two houses on this farm, one 2Px:lkitchen.

BuiMirg st neready for barn. Jtli Twopoultry, hous-A a'XJd and lflxltL Two well. All fenced Could donw suitable for two familiescash, about Sttock. One thousand dollars cash, balance Incrop paymentsThe above are all rood farm, close togrod towns.

Write direct to the owner up and down stock leaders aara trouble and expense. Box 25S,High River, Alberta, Canada. Locate right,investigate our famous arteaiaa valley. Sure crop, matchless climate. Miner A Jamea Meade. I MA4SOUTHERN Kansas farm lard.

Kingmanand Southern Reno counties offer greatest1'ii.



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