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By the way, this can be done through the listing of new binance tokens of the State Service. We start a WMX wallet - this will be your Bitcoin wallet in the Webmoney service. Click on listing of new binance tokens top up button and see the address to which you want to transfer Bitcoins.

We transfer Inn learn name to WebMoney. After Im at home Ukraine Bitcoins, they will appear on ned balance. Click on the button "Change funds". In the window that appears, change WMX to WMR. Now you have rubles on your WebMoney and you need to withdraw them. Choosing a tpkens method.

But such an exchange will be carried out through the internal WebMoney exchange, so this method is not so reliable. The second option is to link the card to the WebMoney service. In order to make a withdrawal by bank transfer, go to your WMR wallet and click on the "Withdraw funds" button and select "Bank transfer". Then you will need to enter your account details: BIK, Corr.

After that, check and pay this invoice. How to withdraw money from a Bitcoin wallet through exchanges. There is one exchange that is often used to withdraw rubles to the card. It is called EXMO. Honestly, I trust exchangers and Webmoney listing of new binance tokens than such exchanges. How does the withdrawal take place. Transfer Bitcoins to the exchange. To do this, listing of new binance tokens need to send the currency to your internal wallet of the exchange.

We transfer Bitcoin to the exchange. Exchange them for rubles. This can be done either through the exchange itself or through the internal exchanger. We exchange for rubles. Withdraw rubles to the card. There what is pua several ways to withdraw. In our case, this is a bank transfer and withdrawal to the card. As you can see, withdrawal to the card on EXMO listing of new binance tokens more profitable.

We order a withdrawal. The two most popular ways to yokens BTC. Where listing of new binance tokens the best courses. Now you don't have to go to all these services and compare courses. I did it for you. How to binaance Bitcoins to a Sberbank card at the best rate. It is now February 2019.

Price based on coinmarketcap. The dollar rate is 65. So 1 BTC costs listing of new binance tokens 274,500 rubles.



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