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I write by hand and then type everything up, so I work slowly, and I keep a journal, which goes without saying. A common antiology exists that says when money is the goal, creativity automatically dies. I try to strike a balance. In this sense, I really like the Eastern idea that a person in ancient China could be an official and nothing would stop him from writing poems or studying philosophy.

Moreover, this was useful transfer from binance to trust wallet for the official and his country. I know I can do good while wearing different hats. I completely agree with that statement. Above all, I associate myself with my country and with the Russian language.

How did your relationship with text begin. Why did you decide on entering the journalism faculty. We try to strike a balance between quality content and our business interests I only show my work to a few people whose opinions are important to me. Economics is an adventure. This article examines the phenomenon of sport carnavalization in postmodern society, the reasons, preconditions, consequences of the postmodern transformation of sport as a social institution, turning it into a commercialized spectacle, industry, show business, entertainment practice.

Traced the mutual penetration of the humorous elements in the sports and sports in karneval transfer from binance to trust wallet in socio-cultural space. Ortega y Gasset, Jose (1991), About the sports-festive feeling of life, Philosophical sciences, No. Citation for: Ponomariev M.

Zeigler, Champaign, Stipes, Illinois, p. Polemic composition, 2 volum, Myisl, Moscow, p. Sociogenetic and psychogenetic studies, Vol. Experience of living in a problem. Loneliness of women and men, Naukova dumka, Kiev, p. Bakhtin as transfer from binance to trust wallet Philosopher, Nauka, Moscow, pp. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.

The authors reserve the right to authorship of the work and pass the first publication right of this work to the journal under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which allows others to freely distribute the published research with the obligatory reference to the authors of the original work and the first publication of the work in this journal.

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Author Biography Olha Maltseva, Pryazovskyi State Technical University, Mariupol candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor of the Academic Department of Sociology and Social Work Moss, M. The phenomenon of the carnivalization of sport in postmodern society. Authors bear responsibility for the accuracy of facts, euro exchange rate, numbers and names used.

Manuscripts are not sent back. The publisher does not always agree with the authors' opinion. Most read articles by the same author(s) Olha Maltseva, Simulation of laughter: the experience crv curve dao token reconstructionTransfer from binance to trust wallet No.

Information is one of the transfer from binance to trust wallet elements for effective supply chain (SC) management.

Availability of timely information ensures the continuous movement of commodity flows, minimizes the company's losses associated with the lack of goods or excess stocks, allows you to plan production and transfer from binance to trust wallet flows, take into account changes in consumer interests.

The systems of information exchange between the participants of the SC are used. Predicting future sales is necessary to control the flow of goods, so firms do consumer demand forecasting. Since the explicit information has different usefulness for forecasting and decision-making for different SC participants, the problem arises of assessing the priority of various types of information in the SC management system in order to obtain a more accurate forecast of consumer demand. The aim of the work is to develop an algorithm for calculating the values of the relative importance or priority of various types of information in transfer from binance to trust wallet SC based on a hierarchical model of criteria using the opinions of the SC participants.

The task of systemic assessment of the priority of information needs in the SC management system is transfer from binance to trust wallet as a task of multi-criteria decision support.



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