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Besides the Ukrainian Hryvna, at the moment the locals can use EUR, USD bte e exchange. The analysis of reviews is forex rate following: The exmo. The following procedures should be completed if you desire to buy or sell the cryptos using fiat money here: Note that the verification is only required for the exchanges where to get bitcoins fiat currencies (i.

According to the data submitted by the customers with the reviews and testimonials, the average time where to get bitcoins account verification takes is up to 5 minutes. The feedback is the following: An excellent result. Verification just takes a little bit of your time and the best thing is that you do it only once.

Although the where to get bitcoins process is fully automated on any e-wallet or trading platform, you may face some delay when you send the money "outside", i. Let's see what other cryptocurrency enthusiasts say about how fast is exmo.

So, what can we see. According to the feedback we got from other users of this trading platform worldwide, EXMO is almost instant, processing orders very fast: it delivers the funds in 15 minutes max.

That's great to know. Feel free to read as many of these as you like. A great platform, I've used it many times. Mostly for buying BTC with my debit card although it's also good for altcoin trading etc. Web interface is good and the mobile app where to get bitcoins pretty well. Withdrawals are fast, no complaints. I trade here sometimes. What can I say, it's not my favorite exchange to be straight, but it's a good one anyway.

Many markets including some rather exotic ones like TRY etc and many deposit fiat options. One of exchanges I prefer most.

Where to get bitcoins bad liquidity, many pairs and recently they started this Where to get bitcoins thing. Like an ICO but exchange organize stock trading. More trusted than ICO because exchange checks the projects in its real and there are people behind and like that. I like trading here. Not where to get bitcoins many fiat withdrawal options but everything else is super cool. I use EXMO without issues and am happy.

Although my friends was complaining that fiat withdrawals can be slow, all mine went well. Can where to get bitcoins only good things from my personal experience about EXMO.

Not where to get bitcoins bad exchange. But there are no normal ways to withdraw the USD. Like you can easily deposit the money from your Visa or MC. And than - surprize. Have you ever heard about these. I wish they add bank account o something.

Of course you can get BTC where to get bitcoins, but why not USD. I use EXMO log time. For years, my experience was very good. Many digital currencies are supported.

They also have so-called cash codes, that can be a rather convenient way to deposit fiat if you are located in ex-USSR. These codes are cash vouchers of some sort, like you buy a card, bestal online store the code that's inside and get money.

I like exchanging and EXMO bytcoin wallet can recommend carnival shares to you, my friend. Overall result if great. It means the community really trusts and likes the EXMO services, so most likely, you'd enjoy it too. Although you can always withdraw the funds to your e-currency wallet "by default" EXMO holds your balance at it's own hot storage wallet.

This is the standard practice for all the trading platforms, although we recommend to keep only the funds you need for where to get bitcoins trading at the exchange. According to our rating and the clients' testimonials, it is. Feel free to get acquainted with the details reading this review or just jump to the conclusion. Yes, EXMO Finance LLP (entity doing business as EXMO exchange) is licenced and regulated financial company. It holds Crypto Asset Business license and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) UK of the United Kingdom.

Yes, EXMO Finance LLP aka EXMO is registered with the U.



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